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10 Cities Where Men are Poor

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You want to be financially fit? Avoid Las Vegas -- and that's not just because gambling is a loser's game.

Men's Health Magazine, as part of a big picture look at fiscal fitness, found that men exhibited more signs of economic woe in Vegas than in any one of the other 100 cities that they examined.

(This is one of two parts. Click here for 10 Cities With Fiscally Fit Men.)
What did they look at? Credit scores; bankruptcy rates; foreclosures; debt; late payments; the percentage of the population contributing to workplace retirement plans. In other words, most of the tell-tale signs that you could be living on the economic edge.

Where they discovered that financial health was best is in what many men refer to as the "fly-over zone" -- i.e. the Midwest (including Warren Buffett's home town of Omaha). But California takes the prize for the state with the most cities where the men are poor -- or in the parlance of Men's Health, "fiscally challenged."

Worst cities for Men's finances:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Riverside, California

3. Phoenix, Arizona

4. Stockton, California

5. Orlando, Florida

6. Bakersfield, California

7. Miami, Florida

8. Fresno, California

9. Santa Ana, California

10. Reno, Nevada

One slightly ironic note: You can get good financial advice on the Men's Health web site -- from Jean Chatzky (yes, a woman). Here's their full Men's fiscal fitness rankings of 100 American cities.

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