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10 Big Cities With Fewest Drunk Drivers

People living in Motor City apparently do not motor around after a few highballs. Or so concludes a study of the big cities in which you're most likely to have been convicted of driving drunk.

Detroit is dead last of the 20 metropolises where residents revealed in insurance applications that they had a previous driving under the influence violation, according to, a premium-shopping site.

Other cities that rank low in the drunk-driver count?

2. Chicago

3. Baltimore

4. New York

5. Philadelphia

6. Memphis, Tenn

7. Fort Worth, Tx.

8. Houston

9. Dallas

10. San Antonio

The catch is that it's not completely clear why these cities rank so low, says Kat Zeman, spokes woman for It could be because many of these cities have good public transportation systems, which means residents are more likely to get on the subway than in a car after a night of clubbing.

The cities may also have fewer cars than in the plethora of California communities that ranked in the top 10 for drunk drivers. But it also might be that law enforcement of drunk driving violations could be lax. Detroit, which is one of the most costly cities to operate a car, has so many economic woes that cops might be focused on other types of crime, Zeman speculated.

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