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10 best jobs for introverts

Are you the life of the party, or would you rather skip the party and stay home with a good book? Do you get your energy from meeting new people, or do you need time at home, alone, to regroup? If so, you might be an introvert. Unfortunately, the job hunting world isn't set up for introverts -- after all, you're expected to go to an interview, with strangers, and be in top form, carry on sparkling conversation, and make it look natural and easy. Well, it's not.

It doesn't mean that introverts don't make good employees. In fact, some research suggests that introverts make great leaders. But where to get started? If you are an introvert searching for the right career, some fit your personality better than others. The people at CareerCast have pulled together a list of 10 jobs that are great for the introverts among us. There is something for everyone.

The salaries indicated are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so they are national averages. Depending on where you live, salaries may be higher or lower. Additionally, if you're an extrovert who says, "Hey, I want to do that!" don't think being an introvert is a requirement for these jobs. (Although, you may have to get your daily fill of social interaction in other areas.)

1. Animal care and service workers - Spend the day working with animals.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$19,970 (caretakers)/$25,270 (trainers)

Projected Growth by 2020: 15 percent

2. Archivist - A love of history and organization works well for people in this line of work.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$47,340

Projected Growth by 2020: 11 percent

3. Astronomer - Study the stars or work with satellites.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$96,460

Projected Growth by 2020: 10%

4. Court reporter - Put those great listening skills to work.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$48,160

Projected Growth by 2020: 10 percent

5. Film/video editor - A job that lets the introvert be quietly creative, editing together films or TV packages.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$51,300

Projected Growth by 2020: 3 percent

6. Financial clerk - Focus on the numbers and on keeping financial records organized.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$36,850

Projected Growth by 2020: 11 percent

7. Geoscientist - For the outdoorsy introvert, spend time studying rocks and minerals both outside and in a lab.

BLS Median Salary:$90,890

Projected Growth by 2020: 16 percent

8. Industrial machine repairer - Work on heavy duty machinery in a factory or on a construction site.

BLS Median Salary:$46,920

Projected Growth by 2020: 17 percent

9. Medical records technician - Keep files in order. This is another one for the organized introvert.

BLS Annual Median Salary:$34,160

Projected Growth by 2020: 22 percent

10. Social media manager - Believe it or not, this is good for introverts. Interact without ever having to do it face to face.

BLS Annual Median Salary: $54,170

Projected Growth by 2020: 12 percent

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