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Yorkie On The Mend After Being Abandoned At Hollywood Police Department

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HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – He's a little dog in bad shape, but getting better by the day,  at least he's moving now.

He's called "Hollywood" because the silky Yorkie that was dumped at the Hollywood Police Department by someone last week.

"Basically she just came in and said she had to go to work, said she was busy," said Rose Mone from the Hollywood Police Department. "She found it over there somewhere and put the dog over here on the chair and walked out and that was it."

Mone doesn't necessarily believe the story that someone found the dog -- but nonetheless knows everything happens for a reason.

"I knew he needed help right away because he was not going to make it thru the day," Mone said.

That's when she called her friends at Glimmer of Life Small Dog Rescue.

"I think if he would have went to animal rescue they would have put him down because he was so sick," explained Ed Degelsmith from Glimmer of Life. "He couldn't walk, he was crying."


Hollywood underwent a two-hour surgery on Monday at the Hometown Animal Hospital in Weston. We're told he did extremely well and his prognosis looks good.

When Hollywood arrived they suspected he'd been hit by a car because he couldn't lift his head and hard a hard time breathing.

They expected to find a ruptured lung and internal bleeding when they did an X-ray, said Paul Camilo, Program Administrator at the Hospital.

"We were surprised to see a giant bladder, almost six to 10 times the size it should have been," Camilo said. "He was slowly filling up like a water balloon and when we saw him he was on death's door."

Degelsmith said Hollywood wasn't able to go to the bathroom.

"They put a catheter in him so he could pass some urine, X-rayed him. It showed he's loaded with kidney stones, get the blood work, he has a blood infection," he said. "He's getting medication for that."


Hollywood is feeling much better now. He's eating and seems pretty happy, as if he knows he's going to be OK, thanks to some caring humans who took in a sick, abandoned dog in need.

"I believe he knows he's being rescued," Degelsmith said. "He knows he was at death's door and he's got a second chance."

To donate for Hollywood's medical expenses or to find out about adoption, log on to

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