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Wynwood Protesters Want Trump To Know They're Watching Him Closely

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Voters against President-elect Donald Trump protested peacefully along the streets of Miami Saturday night.

It was the second night of protests in South Florida since last Tuesday's election.

They started in the heart of Wynwood. As the group of about 60 to 100 made their way across the area to Midtown and back, they carried signs and chanted.

But many on both sides are asking: What is the point of these protests now that the unprecedented, nasty and contentious election is over?

"These demonstrations to me are saying to Donald Trump, 'Hey, you can't just do whatever you want because we're watching you'," said Chelsea Hartley, protest organizer.

Trump swept the electoral votes with 20 more votes than needed to win. But Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Many across the country point out the Electoral College is outdated, a system established in 1804 for problems the country faced back then. Even Trump has spoken out against it, tweeting in November 2012, "The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy."

"The Electoral College is an antiquated, undemocratic institution. It shouldn't exist," said anti-Trump protester Jack Lieberman. "Donald Trump kept saying it was a rigged system and in the past he condemned the Electoral College. So he's a hypocrite."

The protest was peaceful with a Trump supporter or two chiming in.

"It's just ridiculous because it means that they are not mentally and psychologically ready to accept the change and to grow up," said Trump supporter Irene Inker, of the protesters.

Reminded that peaceful demonstrations and freedom of speech are the right of all Americans, Inker said, "I agree completely 'cause it's a free country and that's what we should respect. I respect them and that was the reason I stepped up. Because if I respect them, they should respect me."

"I'm very uncertain of my own future and of the country's future and we haven't even gotten the chance to see what he's gonna do," added organizer Hartley. "Which, I guess, people who are saying to unify are saying, 'Wait, let's see what he does.' But I wanna let him know now, starting from the get."

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