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Will the CLT replace the SAT in Florida? Students say it's easier

Would the CLT replace the SAT in Florida? Students say it's easier
Would the CLT replace the SAT in Florida? Students say it's easier 03:48

MIAMI - Long a rite of passage for high school students the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for college admission is administered by the nonprofit college board, but that's not all they do. 

The college board also oversees the AP college-level high school courses and they were at odds with Governor Ron Desantis and the Florida Department of Education recently over their draft African American studies course. 

"This course on Black history has a lesson about queer theory. What does that have to do with African American history?" The governor said in January. 

That led to a massive protest in Tallahassee in February that was attended by civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton. Marching with him was South Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones. 

"When you see people who are trying to control what you do that is not a Democracy," Jones said. 

Jones is vice chair of the Florida Senate Education Committee and a former AP chemistry teacher. He said the African American AP course is in limbo in Florida. 

CBS4 also asked Jones about the future of the SAT. 

Interview with State Senator Shevrin Jones on SAT 08:34

Jones knows the man championing the alternative test to the SAT, a test is called the Classic Learning Test or CLT.

Henry Mack Senior, chancellor at the Florida Department of Education is advocating for the CLT. 

He put out a tweet that said, "a classical education is principally about cultivating those virtues common to our humanity."

"Looking forward to when my kids and all of Florida's public school kids will sit for the CLT exam."

"You want to deal with the issues of how students learn, but yet students in my district don't have access to the internet," said Jones.

"These kids are trying to survive. And yet they want to see about getting the governor elected to be president."

CBS4 talked to a group of South Florida high school seniors who had taken the SAT. 

"I think there is a lot of pressure that goes with the SAT," said senior Krystal Felix. 

"It's less than one minute a question," agreed senior Keanu Silva.  

Senior Dylan Johnson recalled there was an essay related to slavery in the SAT.  "I wasn't offended but I could see how some may feel different," he said. 

When shown a copy of a sample CLT, all agreed it was 'easier' than the SAT.

All agreed it would be a big change for high school students in Florida if the CLT replaces the SAT.

"It may make some people question if this is the new way to get into college, but they would be able to adjust," said Felix. 

CBS4 requested to talk to Henry Mack about the CLT. 

The press secretary for the Florida DOE said he wasn't available for an interview. 

Jones said he doesn't believe lawmakers would have to sign off on Florida cutting ties with the college board. 

Recently, the governor said, "maybe it's time for Florida to re-evaluate its relationship with the college board."

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