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World Traveling Docs Share Findings In Book Geared For Better Health

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Doctors Steve and Sandy Amoils, married Cincinnati based physicians, traveled the world for a thorough look into all kinds of medical treatments and therapies in hopes of finding miraculous cures.

The duo recently spoke to 200 physicians at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine about their findings.

All the information the physicians uncovered is mapped out in their new book, "Get Well and Stay Well: Optimal Health Through Transformational Medicine."

"Transformational medicine is about taking a crisis that you face in your health and helping it to turn you around," said Dr. Steve Amoils, co- author of the book.

"So once we deal with stress, we deal with their nutrition and we deal with their back pain, we find a lot of things start happening at the same time: their weight goes down, their cholesterol gets better, their blood pressure normalizes. This is what we call a transformational approach. So, not only are we dealing with their back pain, but you are also transforming their life," he said.

And although they believe in medications for many illnesses, they believe that many times patients can really help themselves, without the use of a pill.

"Unfortunately in our society when patients come to see a physician, that physician wants to give the patient a pill and the patient wants to take a pill," said Sandy, Steve's wife and Co-author. "But that's treating the surface. That's like a fire hydrant putting out a  fire. It's not really looking at what is causing the log to smolder underneath. We try to look under the hood a little more."

In the book Steve and Sandy list a five-pronged approach to medicine:

  1. See your physician - make sure your medical problems are handled.
  2. Stress.  The book gives you options on how to deal with stress.
  3. Nutrition and metabolism.
  4. Balancing your hormones.
  5. Dealing with pain and discomfort in the body. Finding the therapies you can use to help your body feel better.

Food, the couple believes, is vital to transforming your health and a modified Mediterranean diet is key.

"It is eating real food; unprocessed, fresh, natural, not from a box," said Sandy.

Sandy uses her fists as a guide for portions when preparing a plate, "Take half a  fist of protein, such as fish or chicken, take two fists for vegetables and a half of fist to a whole fist for whole grains, like brown rice, and think color and variety."

To purchase the book, "Get Well and Stay Well: Optimal Health Through Transformational Medicine." go to

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