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Women To Watch: Trend Tracker® Tara Gilani With Arianna Huffington

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Arianna Huffington is the co-founder, president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group. Ms. Huffington is a communications mogul, author of 14 best-selling books, TV personality and devoted mother to two girls.

The advice Ms. Huffington shares may actually surprise you, as she does not advise people to aim higher but rather, to dig deeper in search of personal harmony and balance.

Trend Tracker® Tara Gilani of CBS4 and Arianna Huffington met up at the University of Miami at a special event and VIP book launch of Ms. Huffington's latest book, "Thrive."

When Arianna Huffington and Tara Gilani sat down to talk, everyone listened.

Gilani started the conversation with a bold declaration: "The newest trend? Re-defining what success means. Thank goodness because the definition of it now is killing us, literally. Women are leading the charge. Arianna Huffington is leading the way."

"Thrive is packed with facts, evidence and advice," continued Gilani.

To quote Arianna: "It's about creating a life of wellbeing, wisdom and wonder."

"In my opinion," said Gilani, "It's about the W word. W for women."

Arianna Huffington speaks with clarity and conviction about women living their best lives and to their ultimate potential.

"It's time to lead the third revolution, which is not to say we want to be at the top of the world, but to say we want to change the world. Because the way the world has been designed by men is not working. It's not working for women, it's not working for men, it's not working for polar bears."

The polar bear line got quite the laugh from the crowd. Loudest of all, naturally, was from Ms. Gilani.

By way of turning things over to Ms. Huffington, Ms. Gilani told the packed house: "Here's what we need to do everyone, listen up!"

Arianna's number 1 tip? Get more sleep.

"Get 30 minutes more sleep than you are getting now," said Huffington, adding, "unless you are one of the wise people like Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami, who actually gets eight hours," advised Ms. Huffington.

Knowing Ms. Huffington's take on technology, Ms. Gilani primed the enthralled audience for what was coming next.

"More sleep, less attachment. As in - power down," said Gilani.

"At the end of the day, pick a time when you take all your devices; smart phones, iPads, laptops and gently escort them out of your bedroom," said Ms. Huffington.

"Translation" said Gilani: "Turn off the computer… step away from your smart phone… STOP tweeting!"

"Arianna knows best," said Ms. Gilani. "She learned from the best. Her mother."

Arianna was quiet for a moment, a smile breaking out across her face.

"My mother would do anything; she borrowed money, she was a housekeeper, nothing was beneath her. She was just an extraordinarily inspiring woman," said Ms. Huffington.

The style-obsessed Trend Tracker® was not going to let Ms. Huffington get away without asking about fashion.

It seems that Ms. Huffington is anti-high heels.
"So you're starting the flat shoe revolution?" Gilani said.

"Yes," said Ms. Huffington. "Even on my twitter bio it says: 'flat shoe advocate.'"

Saving the best for last, Gilani continued: "Now for my favorite question…what's your guilty pleasure?"

"I love country music," said Ms. Huffington.

Many in the crowd were surprised by her response, and some laughter erupted.

"That's not a guilty pleasure," said Gilani, "that's a confession!"

Ms. Huffington's favorite quote is by the Persian poet, Rumi.

"Live your life as if everything is rigged in your favor. I love that."

In closing out the special conversation, Gilani thanked Huffington, and vice-versa.

The two women clearly hit it off.

As Ms. Huffington was signing a book for Ms. Gilani, Gilani said: "Love this book, love her!"

Arianna Huffington's book "Thrive" is available now and Ms Gilani highly recommends we read it.

"It's truthful and packed with simple, smart, practical advice that's easy to follow. I've read it twice. Once more and I'm sure I'll be sleeping eight hours. Without my BlackBerry next to my head," said Gilani.

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