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South Florida woman's passion for fashion led her to be a role model & mentor for many

Miami Proud: South Florida woman with a passion for fashion mentors others
Miami Proud: South Florida woman with a passion for fashion mentors others 02:21

MIAMI - Karine Melissa is a woman who wears many hats. She is an entrepreneur, the co-owner of The South Florida Fashion Academy, the President of the Women's Chamber of Commerce, and a mentor to fashion students and other businesswomen.

"It's important personally because I know I made a lot of mistakes, there's a lot of things that I wish somebody had told me when I was growing up. So I feel it is important to give that back and make sure guide I help guide them along the way, so they don't make the same mistakes I did," said Melissa.

Through her love for fashion and business, Melissa founded LOUD, Love of Urban Design, which focuses on Black art, fashion programs, and events in South Florida.

"I don't want just my business to succeed, I want everybody around me in business to succeed, and so specifically women, because I know the challenges of women in business. I want every woman around me to be successful in their business. This role allows me to do that," said Melissa.

During National Women's Month, Melissa proudly spreads this message.

"We work hard and I think we contribute to society something that is so special. We are a special breed and we contribute this passion that, I think it's just unmatchable by any other person. So women bring to the table such a fire, such drive, such passion to recognize that in a whole month is beautiful," said Melissa.

For her passion, hard work, and determination, she credits the two most important people in her life.

"My parents, my mom and my dad, just making them proud is really it, for me just making them proud, making them see that they're hard work was not in vain, and I live for that," she said.

Melissa also owns and manages Boss Babes of South Florida which brings together powerful women in South Florida in various businesses.

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