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Woman Accused Of Murdering Officer Wants Case Dismissed

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) -- A woman accused of killing a Miami police officer, her live-in boyfriend, took the stand Wednesday wanting a judge to dismiss her case.

Tiniko Thompson is charged in connection to the death of Miami Police officer Carl Patrick. He was found dead in their Pembroke Pines home in May 2014.

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On Wednesday, Thompson  was being cross examined before taking to the stand at a hearing at the Broward County Courthouse.

"I begged for my life," said Thompson.

She's is now claiming self defense and is trying to get the murder case against her thrown out.

In Thompson's testimony, she talked about what happened the day of the shooting and talked about what she said was a struggle that led to Patrick being shot.

"He got more defensive and before, I knew it, he had hit me upside my eye and  he got the gun.  At the time, he took his hand and tried to put the gun to my mouth," said Thompson.

Thompson said on the day of the shooting, May 7, 2014, her then boyfriend was already in his police uniform and ready to go to work when she woke up but the argument escalated.

"We kept struggling and and we both ended up going on the side of the bed. At that time, I still held on to the gun and I was able to move and he kept turning the gun towards me and I turned the gun towards him.  At that time, he slipped.  His left foot slipped.  His hand went up off the gun and I held on to the gun and I fired a shot," said Thompson."At that point, he called me a [expletive].  The bullet hit him and he put his arm down and he had the other arm and he laid himself down."

In a televised interview, Thompson said the shooting was an accident.

Now,the state attorney's office is trying to put holes in Thompson's "self defense" claim that it wasn't until now that Thompson even admitted to shooting Patrick.

A prosecutor said, "I had to shoot him.  I pulled the trigger.  You don't say that, do you?"

"No," responded Thompson.

She was also questioned about other lies like coming back to the Pembroke Pines home where the shooting happened after taking off and also faking a pregnancy.

A prosecutor said, "You were never pregnant."

"That's correct," said Thompson.

"In fact, you could not even get pregnant because you had had a total hysterectomy.  Correct?" asked the prosecutor.

"That's correct," said Thompson.

Thompson said after the shooting she left a note on the kitchen table that read the shooting was an accident and that she left the home and contemplated suicide.

"Swallow all my pills," said Thompson. "Because I was shocked.  I didn't believe that really happened and it did."

 In the Pembroke Pines Police arrest report, investigators left no doubt that Thompson shot and killed Patrick inside his home and left him to die.

Investigators said, "(Patrick) was on his back in a confined place with a restricted ability to move and his body angled toward the wall at the time he was shot" and "…the Medical Examiner advised the wound would not be consistent with him shooting himself." The report said "the injury would have been survivable had medical assistance been obtained."

Thompson is being charged with second-degree murder.


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