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Woman, 70, Accused Of Stalking Coral Springs Priest

CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4)- A South Florida holy man says one of his own parishioners was stalking him at home.

Father Edward Konopka is a 92-year-old priest at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Coral Springs. But he said he has been scared because he lives all alone in a modest Tamarac apartment.

Police said Dorothy Joan Scalise, 70, has been stalking him.

"I am afraid for her that she's going to do harm, beginning with herself or somebody, myself included," said Father Konopka.

Police arrested Scalise Wednesday afternoon after she allegedly left threatening phone messages on Father Konopka's home voicemail. He said he would get the calls every morning before 6 a.m.

"The phone hasn't been ringing the last two mornings," he said.

Father Konopka didn't know what to think of the calls.

"I don't know what she's talking about. It's sheer nonsense. You know, whatever is on her mind," said Father Konopka.

On some days, he said, he would find Scalise in a parking space across from the apartment building, just sitting, waiting for him. On other mornings, he said, he would find Scalise sitting at the staircase right next to his apartment, waiting for him to walk out. She would be waiting, he said, with doughnuts – one for herself and one for Father Konopka.

Father Konopka calls this a sad case and he hopes that someone can help Scalise soon

She is still in jail. Police said she will be fitted for an ankle monitoring bracelet Friday morning.


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