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Wilton Manors man accused of attacking US Postal Service worker wearing hijab

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FORT LAUDERDALE - A Wilton Manors man was been arrested for reportedly attacking a US Postal Service worker wearing a hijab.

According to the arrest form, the postal worker, who was in full uniform, was walking up to a residence on NW 9th Avenue to deliver mail, when Kenneth Pinkney, 47, rode past her on a bike, formed his hand into a gun shape, and made a shooting gesture at her. He then reportedly called her "derogatory names" and told her to go back to her country.

When the postal worker tried to laugh off his comments, Pinkney reportedly went up to her, ripped off her hijab, and began to punch and slap her in the face.

When she tried to get back into her USPS truck, Pinkney is accused of attempting to grab her leg. She ended up tearing her shirt in an effort to get away, according to police.

When she told him she was going to call the police, he allegedly said was going to do the same.

When officers arrived, police said Pinkney couldn't keep his story straight. He was arrested for battery. Police said based on his comments about the woman's "ancestry, religion, and national origin," he was also charged with second-degree felony evidence prejudice.

Pinkney is no stranger to the law. He was convicted of felony battery in 1996.    

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