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Willis McGahee, linebacker at Christopher Columbus HS: Nat Moore Trophy nominee

Nat Moore Trophy profile: Willis McGahee
Nat Moore Trophy profile: Willis McGahee 02:11

MIAMI -- Willis McGahee, a student athlete who plays linebacker for Christopher Columbus High School, has a familiar name to many.

That's because he's the son of a former Miami Hurricanes running back great.

Willis McGahee
Willis McGahee CBS News Miami

The younger 6-foot-2-inch linebacker has a lot of confidence heading into his senior year and a strong competitive drive he gets from his dad.

"Everywhere I went they see me as his son," he said. "I see at of people with his jersey on at his games. But I just I wanna be better than him."

His father, Willis McGahee, was a Miami Hurricanes running back great and NFL player for 10 seasons. But his son is making a name for himself on his own and has plans to eclipse his father's records.

"I always tell him I'm gonna be better than him," the younger McGahee said. "He's like, 'No, you'll never be better than me,' and then one time he took me . . . and I saw all the records. I'm gonna beat all his record!"

Willis committed to Nebraska, heading to the Big 10 conference and says the confidence and leadership qualities he has on the field is all thanks to his family.

He said he wasn't always as assured of himself.

"I used to not be that confident until they kept telling me that I'm actually good," Willis said. "And I kept thinking about it and I think I'm good, but I don't want to be too cocky."

That competitive nature runs in the family.

Chaminade Madonna alum Kenyatta Jackson Jr. was the 2021 CBS Miami Nat Moore Trophy winner and is McGahee's cousin.

So, a nomination for Willis would be a big moment for him.

"I wanted to be like him too because he's at Ohio State doing good," Willis said. "It would be the world because a lot of people depend on me and believe in me."

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