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Will Charlie Crist Make A Comeback?

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Will former Florida governor Charlie Crist come back to the political game?

"Well I'm thinking about it, there's no question about that," said Crist who added he hasn't made the big decision yet.

Crist served as a Republican governor back in 2007. His term ended in 2011 but if he does choose to run again in the upcoming election he would run against current Gov. Rick Scott as a Democrat.

Although there is no timetable for when he might a make a final decision, the window is still open.

"I haven't reached any conclusion, I'm just taking the opportunity to listen to my fellow Floridians and give it serious thought," said Crist in Fort Myers on Saturday.

So what would be Crist's focus if he does choose to join the race?

"Things that I think are important to all of our fellow Floridians: education, the environment, ethics; I mean these are things that aren't new," said Crist. "Talking about how we can help our economy move forward, fortunately we're starting to see that in a small degree and I just hope it continues."

The former governor said that his decision would also be based on the mood of the people and how they feel.

"I've enjoyed being in the private sector, working with Morgan & Morgan is a lot of fun and helping people that way," said Crist. "So time will tell, we'll see."

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