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Wife Of RV Massacre Suspect Denied Visitation Of Son

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The mother who survived a deadly hostage standoff in Deerfield Beach appeared in Broward family court Friday in an effort to get supervised visits with her surviving child but the judge wouldn't allow it.

Deanna DeJesus' husband, William DeJesus, is responsible for a seven-hour rampage at a Deerfield Beach motor home on Feb. 9. Police said William DeJesus shot one man, held the dead man's girlfriend hostage, and took a knife to his own family, stabbing himself, his wife and their two sons.

Nine-year-old Jeshiah died, as did his father. His 7-year-old brother and mother survived.

Deanna and her mother went to court Friday hoping to get supervised visits with the 7-year-old however the Department of Children and Families argued against. They said a police investigation could find she had some culpability.

Deanna cried in court as she recounted her first phone call with her surviving child.

"Mommy, how many cuts do you have?," Deanna said the child asked. "He asked you how many cuts do you have?" a DCF worker asked Deanna. "Yes, I told him don't worry, I'm okay," Deanna said.

Judge Kenneth Gillespie brought up past allegations of sexual abuse in the house and her failing to report it.

In pointed questioning, Judge Gillespie asked if Deanna was aware of the allegations of improper touching and did she do anything about it.

When Deanna replied she was aware of it and didn't do anything about it, Judge Gillespie said, "OK, that's enough for me," and denied the mother's motion.

Documents show DeJesus' 7 and 9-year-old sons were briefly taken away after those allegations from his wife, Deanna.

She said she participated in the abuse, fearing DeJesus would kill her if she didn't.

She would later retract what she said and that all but killed their case, DCF said.

When the mother recanted, the children were returned to the family.

DCF implied in the court hearing that Deanna may have played a role in the family massacre.

"In the current investigation, there is now reason to believe that the mother may have been culpable to some extent in this case," said Adrian Ashton of DCF.

A BSO detective confirmed this by testifying in court Friday as well saying there will likely be new information coming out next week and it will probably involve the mother.

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