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Why Was This Sex Offender Released from Jail?

David Becker has a notorious past.

He also appears to have trouble in the present.

For the second time in a month, Becker -- a convicted sex offender -- was arrested at his half-million dollar Hallandale Beach home.


Police arrested him in October for attempted sexual battery on a 16-year-old girl. The sex offender was able to obtain a bond a few weeks alter and walk out of jail.

A police report shows the girl said Becker helped her with her "life problems." During the evening, the teen said Becker told her he loved her and began acting "weird."

The report says Becker undressed then wrapped the "victims belt around her face/mouth and began to unbutton her pants."

The victim told police Becker tore off her clothes and tried to force her to perform a sex act on him. She told detectives she was able to dress and flee the home.

Earlier this morning, police arrested Becker again. This time, police say, Becker was hosting a crack cocaine cooking and smoking party at his home.

According to an arrest report, Becker admitted he has a drug problem.

After his most recent arrest, there are questions about why a man who is a registered sex offender and is charged with a sex crime could be given a bond in the first place.

When Becker was arrested in October, he was held without bond but his attorney, Daniel Callahan, argued that because Becker was accused of an "attempted" attack, he was entitled to be released.

Earlier this month, a judge gave Becker $100,000 bond and he left the Broward County Jail.

Callahan told me prosecutors did not argue that Becker should be held in jail. He also said the judge had reservations about the state's case.

"The court was very concerned about the strength of the state's case," Callahan said.

Ron Ishoy, a spokesman for the Broward State Attorney's Office explained prosecutors' stance in an email.

"We stipulated to the significant $100,000 bond and the long list of requirements the defendant has to follow, including wearing a GPS monitor, having no contact with minors and surrendering his passport, which will help assure his presence in the court proceedings, as well as assure the protection of the victim and the community," Ishoy wrote.

According to those who represented Becker's victims in California in the late '90's, the community needs protection from him.

The former California chiropractor and current Hallandale Beach resident was convicted of several sex charges in the late 1990's.

Prosecutors in California confirmed that Becker admitted having unlawful sexual intercourse with minors and giving them drugs and alcohol.

Larry Cook is an attorney who represented the victims in California. He told me in an interview earlier this month after Becker's arrest on the sex charge that his clients won a significant civil judgment against Becker but Becker never paid up.

Cook believes Becker moved to Florida to sidestep paying his victims.

"The reason that he moved to Florida was to take advantage of the favorable laws that Florida has that allow him to shelter his assets in real estate," said Cook, "They become judgement proof. He bought a home in South Florida for cash and was able to live off of disability income. I'm not surprised that he's involved in this kind of conduct. Everybody has to be on guard."

Becker is being held in jail on drug charges. He will appear before a judge Tuesday where his lawyer will likely appeal to have him, again, released on bond.

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