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White Powder Found At Rep. West's Campaign Office Not Dangerous

BOCA RATON (CBS4) - Firefighters tested the  suspicious white powder along with a threatening message that was delivered to Congressman Allen West's Boca Raton campaign office. They determined that the powder is not dangerous.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were on the scene including the FBI, Boca Raton Police, Boca Raton Fire-Rescue, and Delray Beach Fire-Rescue.

According to the West Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC, haz-mat units suited up and entered the office. Once they get inside, they determined that the substance was not an active biological agent.

According to a statement from Congressman West's office, the envelope contained white powder and a letter making derogatory statements towards West. It also mentioned the word Anthrax.

"I am deeply disturbed at this incident which threatened a member of our campaign staff," West said in a statement. I thoroughly condemn this act, which does nothing but evidence the sick and deranged nature of the perpetrator."

No one was in the office and no one was transported to the hospital or injured during Friday's incident.


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