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When Your Cup Runneth Over

AVENTURA (CBS4) -- There's a growing trend of women with larger breasts, and now bra sizes are expanding too.

No matter your shape, regardless of your size, it's important to get hooked up with the correct cup. Its estimated 80-percent of ladies are laced up with the wrong bra size and many of those women are extra endowed.

"Last year, we sold more than 70-thousand bra sizes in G-cup and up," Samara Said, Manager of Intimacy in the Aventura Mall told CBS4's Lisa Petrillo.

So forget double D's. The newest bra to hit the lingerie rack takes the alphabet all the way up to "L." A British company has developed the first ever, supersize L-cup bra. The company claims the L-Cup Alana bra gives more support and comfort than their previous Double-K.

At Intimacy in the Aventura Mall, their K-Cup bra is equivalent to the British L-Cup. They carry 90 sizes from A to K.

It's all about the right fit. Mona Powell thought she was a 38 Double-D but Samara Said from Intimacy said, "Her band is too big, and the cups were too small. She's coming out of the top and she's hiked up her straps for support and if a bra is too tight in the back, then there's back bulge." Samara decided to "firm up her band and take her deeper in the cup." Samara re-sized Mona into a 34-H.

"The underwire is deep enough to accommodate for her breast tissue so now she's coming out of the side or top or bottom," explained Samara.

"It feels amazing," exclaimed Mona. "I've been missing out all these years. It's amazing. In my mind that was my sexy bra but this is more sexy and comfortable. I love it."

Overly endowed women often complain of discomfort, mainly in the back and neck so having the right bra support is important. So in the end, whether you're an A-Cup or a K-Cup, finding the right size is imperative, it can make a woman feel uplifted in more ways than one.

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