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What's Next For George Zimmerman?

MIAMI (CBS4) - It's been two days since George Zimmerman's trial ended but already civil rights leaders are demanding a new trial.

Speaking at public appearance Monday US Attorney General Eric Holder told the audience, "I believe that this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally-charged issues that this case has raised."

From the US Attorney General to the NAACP, which has a petition on the front page of its website right now, pressure is being put on the Department of Justice to bring a federal civil lawsuit.

Monday Congresswoman Frederica Wilson said she believed a case had merit.

"There were many places on his body he could have shot him since he said they were fighting.  He could have stopped the fight.  But he put the gun on his heart, and pulled the trigger, to me that divided right from wrong," Wilson said.

Wilson admitted though she has been let down before by the DOJ.  And regardless of what they do the problem young African-Americans have with profiling will not go away.

"I have buried so many black boys and paid for so many funerals.  And cried so many tear, that if I had the money I used to bury them I could send most of these boys to college," Wilson said.

The Department of Justice would have to prove Zimmerman shooting of unarmed Trayvon Martin was racially motivated.  Criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh said it would be tough to do.

"Which would require them to prove the case the same the way the state tried to with the same defenses applicable however they would have to prove that somehow this was all about hate," He explained. "And the jury rejected that."

Most legal experts expect Martin's family to now pursue Zimmerman with a civil suit of their own.

"The burden of proof is lower in civil court.  51%.  That's how OJ was held responsible for that tragic situation,"  Eiglarsh said.

At trial they could force Zimmerman to take the stand in his defense.

"Keep in mind that if the Martin family, if they lost would have to pay the legal fees of the other side.  Also you can't squeeze water from a rock.  There is no money there right now with Zimmerman but they could attach his future earnings and somehow get that money if he ever gets a book deal." Eiglarsh said.

Looking forward from a legal perspective experts believe it doesn't appear to be much of a case.  Perhaps the future regarding the case will involve more questions than answers.


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