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Weston Residents Concerned After Coyotes Spotted Roaming Neighborhoods

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) - Some Weston residents are expressing concern after several coyotes and gray foxes were spotted in several neighborhoods in recent days.

Antonio Vallejo, an amateur videographer, recorded a large coyote prowling the banks of a lake.

"We encountered two coyotes and like three days after, we encountered another coyote," he said.

Vallejo tells the same story that many in western Broward tell, 'wiley' coyotes are everywhere.

Vallejo said he knows, "A guy who was walking his dog at (Peace) Mound Park and Indian Trace Road and they are all over the place. During the day, at night".

WATCH: Coyotes Caught On Camera In Weston


A large coyote was also seen in the Bermuda Springs neighborhood. Judging by its considerable size, neighbors said it looked like it wasn't missing many meals.

It's believed by many of the coyotes are targeting family pets. Vallejo has friends who are missing their cats.

"I know many people who find half a body and that's really sad," he said, adding that the coyotes, are, "healthy and they're in their own backyard".

One of the coyotes caught on camera looked to be injured, it was limping along on three legs.

They've been seen in business plazas near the Cleveland Clinic and Peace Mound Peace Park where kids play. Vallejo said that's a big concern for him.

"Maybe a little girl, 10 years old, out walking the dog and she encounters two coyotes, what's going to happen, or four? That is the danger, I think may be a danger," he said.

Vallejo warns western Broward residents of the increasing encroachment of coyotes.

If you do spot a coyote in your neighborhood, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation has some tips.

  • Do not feed them, it's illegal and helps them lose their fear of humans.
  • Secure all garbage cans.
  • Clean up pet food outdoors after your pet eats.
  • If outdoors,-keep pets in enclosed areas.
  • Walk dogs on a short leash.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife said if you encounter a coyote, make as much noise as possible and walk towards them aggressively. Coyotes are timid animals and will run from you.

Vallejo said he has taken care of stray cat colonies for years. He said at one point cared for a colony of roughly 100 cats. It's now down to 12. He believes Mother Nature, in the form of coyotes, is to blame.

For tips on keeping your home and family safe, the FWC has more great tips and a video of what to do should you encounter a coyote.

FWC also has an interactive coyote tracker map which shows where coyotes have been reported recently.

Click the image to check out the map and see if a coyote has been spotted in your neighborhood.

coyote sightings
(Source: FWC)

Coyotes are found in every county in Florida. Florida Fish and Wildlife said the animals follow food, whether in a wooded/grassy area or a neighborhood in any part of the state.


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