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Warm & breezy Friday, rain chance rises over the weekend

Miami Weather for Friday 3/1/2024 7AM
Miami Weather for Friday 3/1/2024 7AM 00:38

MIAMI - A gusty beach breeze develops Friday which will continue to push moisture and a few showers through the area in the afternoon and evening. While the stronger breeze kept temperatures mild to start the day, the ocean breeze will keep highs just at or above 80 degrees in the afternoon.

Showers around NEXT Weather

Watch for a few more showers or even a storm over the weekend as temperatures stay on the warm side with higher humidity. The ocean breeze typically can move a few showers through the area in the morning before storms develop over the interior in the afternoon. Both Saturday and Sunday will see highs in the lower 80s with showers and storms around.

The stronger breeze will keep rip currents high to start the weekend along with elevated seas. The wind may not be as gusty by the end of the weekend but it will take a while for the surf and seas to calm. Stay in protected areas if you head to the beach this weekend as the rip current risk will remain elevated.

No significant changes are expected next week. Showers and storms will continue to move through the area with the ocean breeze as highs remain above 80 degrees.

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