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Voters Weigh In On 2012 Election

MIAMI (CBS4) – While some Miami-Dade voters are anxious about the outcome of the presidential election, they're also relieved that the election season is almost over.

CBS4 News spoke with voters at Jimmy's Eastside Diner on Biscayne Blvd. on Sunday about whether or not voter fatigue had set in.

Iris Lynch, a waitress at Jimmy's for more than a decade, said she hears a lot of conversations about politics at the diner.

"Who is going to win, and how long they had to wait at the polls and how the election is going to go because we're counting on Florida," Lynch said was what customers have talked about the most.

"I'm so glad it's almost over," said Lionel Casey who added he's been overwhelmed by the political ads this election season.

With Election Day right around the corner, there were hardly any diners who were still undecided.

"The election is going to be a turning point," said Keni Chow.

Chow hadn't voted yet and when asked if she was undecided she replied "Oh no, I am very determined,"

Lynch hasn't made it to the polls yet either. When asked if she was undecided she replied with an emphatic "Oh, I'm decided!"

Voters who have already cast their ballots said the best advice is to be familiar with the ballot and bring along some patience when you head off to the polls.

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