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Voters Complain Over Nasty Political Ads In Gubernatorial Race

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- An ominous sounding voice blares across the television, "Rick Scott, too shady for the Sunshine state." Another declares, "Charlie Crist, slick politician, lousy governor."

Those lines are from the nasty television ads inundating Florida voters lately.

If you feel like you want to shower after hearing from the candidates for Florida governor, you're not alone.

"I mean it's really sickening!" said one voter. "The facts that they say is not true facts," said another.

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Another complained, "There's too much mudslinging.

One woman who voted early on Thursday said, "We just want to know the fact. That's all we want."

All that voter disgust could plays a big part in deciding if Democrat Charlie Crist or Republican Rick Scott wins.

"This is an election between disgust and dislike," said Professor Charles Zelden from Nova Southeastern University in Davie.

"Are you so disgusted you're not going to vote at all? Or is this a case of voting for the guy you dislike the least."

Zelden said voter turnout is key, especially in South Florida.

Both candidates are concentrating heavily on Miami-Dade and Broward. They know these two counties could very well determine the winner.

"If South Florida shows up in the numbers that it's capable of, Charlie Crist is probably going to win," said Zelden. "If we don't show up in the numbers we're capable of, probably it's going to be Rick Scott who wins."

So far, voters here are flexing their muscle and turning out in high numbers for early voting.

For the first three days, early voting is up.

In Miami-Dade 17,218 voted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That's up seven percent in Miami-Dade from the 2010 gubernatorial race.

In Broward, 20,622 people have already cast their votes, up forty percent from 40 years ago.

The question now is will the race get more ugly as election day looms.

"We are adults," said a voter, "We are responsible individuals and they shouldn't put out garbage out there."

Early voting continues in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties ends November 2. Election day is November 4th.


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