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Volunteers Don Snorkel Gear To Dive In And Help With Ocean Clean Up

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A group of volunteers donned snorkel gear to help clean up our water off South Florida's coast.

The trip was part of the four-day Aspen Ideas Climate Conference on Miami Beach.

They were able to pick up over 90 pounds of trash, ranging from bottles and cell phones to plastic debris.

Maddie Kaufman, who organized the trip, said that she loves the enthusiasm of people wanting to give back to our environment. But, adds that trash should not be there in the first place.

"So, it's definitely sad, but there's also a massive community out there that goes out and helps clean up our oceans, clean up our beaches. Which, gives me hope," she said.

Dive instructor Hannah Moore said she thinks more people will be inclined to take care of our environment if they feel a connection to it.

"People come out who haven't had these experiences before or maybe they have. It brings that emotional connection home so they are more driven to participate in conservation initiatives and things like that," she said.

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