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Vision Marine Creates Electric Engine Many Say Is The 'Tesla' Of Boating World

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – It's the future of boating, says Vision Marine, a Canadian-based company that has created an engine many are calling the Tesla of boating.

It's the world's most powerful electric motor, explains CEO Alex Mongeon.

"It's made for any boats. It's more like a Tesla of the sea," said Mongeon. "
We're not doing any gas emissions.  It's quiet and faster than any standard outboard engine  and the maintenance is reduced by 90%."

He continued, "Since it's a zero emission engine, there are no fossil fuels being burned and nothing gets into the water. Vision Marine has partnered with McLaren Engineering, a division of  Linamar Corporation, on this technology, allowing  boat manufactures  to learn the installation process... that's one of the biggest challenges that we have to do now is to educate people that each step that we're doing now is helping the future of the boating industry."

1730 Lisa Tesla of Boats pkg_2
Vision Marine's electric engine in action. (CBS4)

And so CBS4's Lisa Petrillo and Vision Marine's Mongeon took a boat ride.

"Can you turn the engine on so we can hear it running?" asked Petrillo.

"It's running," said Mongeon.

"What? there's no noise at all," she said incredulously.

"No noise, no smoke, no fumes.  It is what it is," he said.

As they cruise, they hear only the sounds of nature, not engines.

"I have to say it's remarkable that we are moving and the only thing I'm hearing is the water moving and the dog barking," said Petrillo.

"It's a different kind of boating. We're discovering different kind of nautical experience," he said.

The charging system is a standard boating outlet.

"So it's regular electricity from a dock,  not Like a Tesla port that you have to put in?" asked Petrillo.

"No, it's regular shore power. It will cost you like a dollar or $1.50 for a whole day of boating," said Mongeon.

1730 Lisa Tesla of Boats pkg_1
The electric engine's charging system is a standard boating outlet. (CBS4)

"Is it more expensive than other engines?" asked Petrillo.

"It's about 25% more expensive. But the thing is after about a year of usage, you're getting your investment back and actually you're saving the waterways by doing that action," Mongeon said.

Those at Vision Marine are hoping the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will be a big push for the electric motor industry. For more information, click here.

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