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'He Was One Of A Kind': Sister Of UPS Driver Frank Ordonez Who Was Killed In Miramar Shootout

DORAL (CBSMiami) – For the first time, the younger sister of UPS worker Frank Ordonez, killed in a chase and shootout in Miramar after being held hostage by armed gunmen, is speaking out.

As loved ones prepare to remember Ordonez over the next two days, his sister, 15-year-old Genevie Merino told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "Frank was such an amazing person. He was always there for you. He was there for everything. He was my brother and my best friend. He always wanted the best for me and he was always there for me. I am never going to find someone like that ever again and I know he is one of a kind."

She fought back tears as she said, "Frank was like, oh my gosh." She paused. "Frank was like. I didn't even know how to say it. Can you believe my brother would tell me if you are ever in trouble, call me. Don't call your mother. If I was in trouble he would always say he would come pick me up. He didn't want people ever messing with me. Of course he loved his family an his babies and his toys. And he loved his work. He would always show his how he got paid by UPS and he was proud of that."

She said she didn't want to talk about the police shooting but she said, "I really hope my brother gets justice. That's what he deserves."

His Brother, Roy Ordonez also had some things to say:

"He was so happy all the time. We all loved him. He always wanted us to get along."

Roy had this to say about the police action which ended the chase:

"They should have kept their distance and waited for SWAT to start negotiations to save my brother's life stead of shooting so recklessly."

"I am not anti-police but the ones who did this brought shame to their department."

"Police need to be punished like we civilians are punished."

Ordonez's stepfather Joe Merino said, "I want Frank's legacy to not be forgotten. He will be remembered by you, through the media. This is the only way we can keep his legacy alive."

Merino also said he had that police had said that officers were being fired at by the criminals and that police were worried that they would start shooting at innocent civilians in cars but he still has questions.

"I heard they said they shot at us and we had to shoot at them," he said. "But these criminals had a hostage. I bet if the hostage were someone like a Mayor's son he would be alive today. I still wonder where was SWAT and were were the hostage negotiators?"

Law enforcement sources have told CBS4 that police were forced to take action before SWAT and hostage negotiators got there because of their concerns that the criminals would open fire on other innocent people.

Sunday evening, family, friends and co-workers paid tribute to Ordonez at a vigil at the UPS customer center in Doral where he parked his car Thursday.

Joe Merino, thanked everyone for the outpouring of support but the family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice.

Miracle Mile Robbery Chase Shooting
Police surround UPS truck after two attempted robbery suspect stole the truck, kidnapped the driver and led police on a two-county chase that ended in a hail of gunfire in Miramar. (CBS4)

Ordonez, 27, a father of two, was held hostage by thieves who stole his UPS truck after robbing a Coral Gables jewelry store leading police on a two county chase.

The wild ride met a violent end on Miramar parkway.

Ordonez was caught in the crossfire and died at the scene.

He wasn't even supposed to be working that shift and was filling in for someone else.

At the vigil his stepfather Joe Merino said, "The driver that called in sick just came up to me and said I'm the driver that called in and I feel so bad because that could've been me."

Merino told the other driver, "I said young man we all have a clock inside it wasn't your time."

UPS Driver Memorial

Since his death, delivery drivers who've heard his story have posted their love and support on social media.

"I don't want this to die down I don't want to swept under the rug. I want justice for Frank," said Merino.

Richard Cutshaw, 70, of Pembroke Pines was also killed in Thursday's shootout. He was an innocent bystander struck by gunfire in the exchange between police and the armed robbers.

Cutshaw was described by neighbors as "the nicest guy," who was about to retire.

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