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Video Shows Moment Truck Drives Off I-95 Ramp

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Newly released video shows the moments when a truck driving on I-95 plummeted off a ramp and into a Miami Park.

Driver Kaseem Smith was inside the cab of the truck when it happened back in February.

"I have not seen anything like this. It's a miracle he survived this accident," said Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Sanchez.

Dramatic video from inside this City of Miami garbage truck shows Smith looking out a window and then suddenly items being tossed around as if he's been hit by a sudden storm. His trucks fell and crushed two cars at Jose Marti Park, leaving debris everywhere.

Another camera angle shows Smith's truck going down the southbound exit ramp from I-95 at southwest 7th Street when FHP says he lost control, over-corrected and struck the wall.

"He struck the left concrete wall twice and then he overcorrected according to the video and hit the right concrete wall and fell off the I-95 ramp in to Jose Marti Park and according to our records fell 75 feet into the park and survived," said Sanchez.

"I saw it in slow motion. It was coming down," said witness Jorge Chacon. "When it fell down. It sounded like a bomb."

The truck landed between the swimming pool building and the community center.

"How he landed in the park, Jose Marti Park. Thank God there were no kids in the park at the time. Throughout this ordeal, the driver almost walked away and was hospitalized and is now home. He is a very lucky man. It is a miracle," said Sanchez.

Witnesses may not forget what they saw.

"I could not believe it. It was like a daydream. It did not feel real. My heart pumped," said witness Jorge Fuente.

Smith has been with the City of Miami for nine years.

"He did not have his seatbelt on. He was ejected. So how he survived is something," said Sanchez.

It's not known if Smith was distracted at the time of the crash.

"We don't have any facts to indicate that he was texting. We do not know how he lost control of his vehicle and flew off the I-95 ramp," said Sanchez.

The tape from the truck was released as part of the investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol.

After the crash, Smith was cited for careless driving and not wearing a seat belt.

Following the release of the video, City of Miami officials released a statement on the investigation saying,

"We are very happy that Mr. Kaseem Smith has been released from the hospital and that he survived this crash which the video shows is nothing short of a miracle.  The recording is proof that this technology works and can provide answers about driving events that would otherwise be difficult to assess. The video shows Mr. Smith was not texting or using his phone and no other vehicle appears to be involved.  We are still reviewing this case with Risk Management and Law Departments regarding what steps to follow next."

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