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Video Captures As Driver Stops Vehicle, Abandons Dogs In Need Of Veterinary Help In Pembroke Pines

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - The video is heartbreaking to see as captured by a doorbell camera.

It shows a car that stops near 119th and Taft in Pembroke Pines Tuesday afternoon. The driver is seen opening the back door, then a Jack Russell jumps out onto the street.

After that the door opens again, then the video freezes.

The car leaves and a confused German Shepard is left standing in the middle of the roadway.

"This incident does rise to the level of a crime. It is abandonment and cruelty to animals," said Major Al Xiques from the Pembroke Pine Police Dept.

Left behind was an older Jack Russell and an elderly German Shepard, who's leery of people.

Investigators hope someone recognizes that car and driver.

"The video is clear," Mayor Xiques said. "It shows a white male subject who was driving a four-door silver compact vehicle with some damage to the left front bumper."

Pooches in Pines is a rescue organization that works with Pines PD. They're caring for the dogs. They just went to the vet.

"Their teeth are in bad condition. When we took them to the vet the one Jack Russell, his tooth actually fell out when the doctor started examining his mouth," said Capt. Stacy Jurgens.

She works for the police department and Pooches in Pines. She said it's difficult to watch those dogs being dumped and left abandoned in the street.

"The German Shepard stood there like, 'Where are you going?' It's a horrible thing that people do, drop their pets off and just leave. It affects the animals, they don't know what's happening to them," Capt. Jurgens said.

So far the Jack Russell seems to be adapting well and it's easier for him to get around. When he was picked up, his nails were so long they were curling under his paws. They've since been cut. The German Shepard is having more difficulty.

As time goes on, the Shepard is getting more comfortable around people.

Two days after being abandoned, he is calmly accepting food from an officer who is hand feeding him. It's one hopeful moment in a crime that's left many angry.

"It's a crime and we will investigate it and try to find the person who did this and charge them with a crime," said Capt. Jurgens.

The German Shepard will go into foster care this evening. The Jack Russell, after the 5-day mandatory hold, Pooches in Pines will put him up for adoption.

If you have any information about the person who dumped these animals, give Pembroke Pines police a call at 954-431-2200.

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