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Venture Into Wilderness On An Airboat Ride At Everglades Holiday Park

If you're thinking it's time to expand your horizons a bit, "let your hair down" as they say, why not visit Florida's most exciting natural attraction, the Everglades? What better way to get out of your comfort zone than with an hour-long journey into the wilderness by airboat. An airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park is an incredible way to relieve stress, enjoy fresh air and let go in a pristine, natural environment. Oh, and did we mention the alligators? Here's what you can expect from an exciting day trip to Everglades Holiday Park.

Encounter Rare and Endangered Animals On an Airboat Ride

As a South Florida resident, chances are you've seen a few animals here and there. Of course, you probably haven't experienced an alligator at your front door and that's why a 60 minute airboat ride is so much fun. Journey through miles of wetlands on an airboat ride and you're sure to meet a few gators along the way. In fact, with a skilled captain to lead your tour, you'll journey deep into gator-territory. But you'd better get your camera ready because the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States is filled with all kinds of amazing animals from long legged wading birds like the Great Egret or the White Ibis to incredible tropical snakes and fish.

Enjoy a Live Gator Show

In the off chance you didn't get your fill of amazing wildlife on your airboat ride, we've planned something more to give you that up close interaction you crave. Every airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park comes with a complementary live gator presentation in our world famous "Gator Pit". But there's more, because guess who puts on the show? None other than the Gator Boys from Animal Planet's reality show. That's right, grab a front row seat to an informative, entertaining and truly captivating gator presentation and watch your favorite stars perform daring tricks, cools stunts and more. Of course, the show is family friendly, and everyone gets the chance to pose with a baby alligator for a picture!

Relax, Unwind and Regroup

In South Florida, outdoor living is what it's all about. When stress from work, family or friends leave you tense, it's easier than ever to get outside and have some fun. An airboat ride and a few hours of fun at Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect way to escape the pressure of every day life, unwind and enjoy the fantastic weather that the sunshine state is known for. With miles and miles of incredible wilderness at your disposal, visiting Everglades Holiday Park for a thrilling airboat ride and gator show is one activity that should definitely be on the bucket list.

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