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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Fields Impeachment Questions During South Florida Visit

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Weston Thursday to talk about Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans, but ended up fielding questions about the growing impeachment inquiry.

"The path that we are going on now in terms of the inquiry of impeachment is sad," she said. "This is nothing anybody takes any satisfaction in.  It's sad for our country that we have a president who put us in this situation."

Pelosi's visit come just hours after President Donald Trump called on China for help investigating the Bidens.

"To ask a foreign government to assist in our election undermines the president's oath of office and threatens the integrity of our electoral system. It's wrong," she said.

Pelosi also she has concerns about the whistleblower.

"I'm very worried about the security of the whistleblower and I'm very ashamed of the president's words threatening whistleblowers," Pelosi said.

Protestors greeted Pelosi. They were trump supporters angry that she's here.

"They will stop at nothing to take Donald Trump away from us. And why, they want to know why we stand with Donald Trump?  He's not a perfect man but he's damn close to it," supporter Jane Justice said.

Pelosi's trip was to tout democratic efforts to get Temporary protected Status for Venezuelans fleeing the Maduro regime. She and fellow democrats blame senate republicans and Rick Scott for slowing progress.

"Rick Scott is a wolf in sheep's clothing. His commitment to the Venezuelan people is totally disingenuous," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. "Sen. Scott tried to blow up the way TPS has been handled since the inception of Temporary Protected Status."

In the evening, Pelosi traveled to northeast Miami-Dade for a panel discussion about the ongoing unrest in Haiti.

She was met with more impeachment talk.

"I want you to now that the majority of the Haitian that are Democrats," a panelist said. "We want impeachment."

Pelosi reiterated Trump has undermined the nation's democratic system.

"This is about the facts, the Constitution and what the president did undermining our national security, undermining his oath of office and undermining the integrity of elections," she said.

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