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Urban Meyer To Jets On Tebow: Let Him Play

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Wherever former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow goes, it's a sure bet that the coach who rode him to two national championships will have a message for his new coaches.

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was on ESPN Thursday and asked what the New York Jets should do with the newly acquired Tebow, Meyer said, "Let him play. Just let him play."

But buried in Meyer's comments about Tebow was a shot at Tebow's inability to throw the ball against difficult coverages, which is a must to succeed long-term in the NFL as a quarterback.

Meyer was discussing when Denver had success with Tebow and said, "When you started seeing him (Tebow) throw against those easy coverages it was because they had to stop the run," according to

On the flip side of that is if the run was stopped and the defense could employ more complex coverages, Tebow would struggle as a passer, which he did against quality teams like the New England Patriots in the playoffs.

Tebow is poised to be the backup quarterback for the Jets in the 2012 season. He will backup Mark Sanchez who was given a contract extension to remain the Jets' starting quarterback.

The Jets have said they plan to use Tebow on about 20 snaps a game in a single-wing/Wildcat style of offense. Tebow is the perfect quarterback for a single-wing offense, but the question remains how much the Jets will use it once defensive coordinators master how to stop it.

No matter what, the Jets have the potential to have a massive quarterback controversy on their hands. Tebow has a winning record and has taken a bad team to the playoffs. Sanchez is wildly inconsistent and if he throws too many interceptions early, the Jets nation will be chanting "TEBOW" early and often.

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