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Study Maps Out Devastating Effects Of Sea Level Rise On South Florida

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Familiar scenes for us South Floridians – streets flooded and cars stalled. A new study says we should brace for more of it as the decades roll by.

The flooding won't be from our usual summertime downpours, but sea level rising.

"This study is what we call chronic inundation which is increasing flooding due to sea level rise," said Dr. Kristy Doll.

Dr. Doll was part of the team that put the study together.

The Union of Concerned Scientists researched how areas will be affected by rising sea levels.

It will take some time for entire cities to be under water, but this study tells us how we get there.

"We found that for South Florida almost every oceanfront along the coast will see at least 10 percent of its area affected by chronic flooding by the end of the century," she said.

Year after year, more communities will see flooded streets more often.

The Union of Concerned Scientists mapped out the entire country, breaking down the transition.

Imagine, 26 times a year, or every other week, having to deal with flooding. It's a very likely scenario.

The significant flooding for some communities could begin as soon as 2035 – only 18 years from now.

South Floridians will have to make some tough choices.

"Choice like: 'Should I stay here or should I move? Is this flooding so much that I can't tolerate it,'" Dr. Doll said.

The good news, according to the study, is that it's only 2017.

"While we hate to think to think of our children or grandchildren, if we have that time to prepare, we need to be using that time wisely," she said.

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