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"Under The Dome" Stars Dish On Season 3

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The show "Under The Dome" is coming back for its third season on Thursday night.

Before its season premiere, the show's stars and its Executive Producer Neal Baer gave a sneak peek of what's ahead this summer for the people of Chester's Mill.

"We pick up right where we left off where Melanie says go home and Barbie has to make the decision whether to follow her into the white light and lead the Chesters Millers there and he does and that's the set up for the entire season," said Baer.  "Meanwhile Big Jim Junior and Julia are not with the rest of the group. Junior and Julia are stuck behind. They were trapped big crevasse between them."

And that's not the only reveal.

"The other reveal is guest starring character Christine played my Marg Helgenberger and she is the pivotal character of this season who you'll either loathe or love," Baer said.

"I enter into the picture of Chesters Mill as a therapist…and then it sort of morphs into little bit more than a therapist," said Helgenberger.

But what does her character have to do with the development of the season?

"We wanted to have a character to help us explain why the dome came down. It's season three and we are going to tell you," Baer said.

"I have this agenda that I've got and I'm kind of unstoppable to a certain degree," said Helgenberger. "And I think people kind of like to have, a bad villain to kind of stir things up."

"We're not sure if she is good or bad or where she falls but Big Jim doesn't buy her," said actor Dean Norris. "Other people are getting conned by her but he's not buying her. He sees through her."

Baer said they have two groups in season 3. They have the "alienized" members who are fighting Big Jim's group, creating a war of the worlds atmosphere.

"For the fans of the show, they're going to see many of the characters they love put in situations that are dicy," said Helgenberger.

Baer says to expect a much creepier and horrifying season. It's somewhere Steven King likes things to go.

"I think one of the things I was waiting for as a fan of Sci-Fi and a big fan of Steven King was for the show to be even darker than it has been and I think we get that this season," said actress Rachelle Lefevre.

Don't miss Thursday's 2-hour season premiere of "Under The Dome" that starts at 9 p.m.


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