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Uncle Luke Takes Aim At Drew Rosenhaus

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, has taken aim at pro sports agent Drew Rosenhaus on Michael Irvin's radio show, alleging former Cane wide receiver Tommy Streeter was given $50,000 before he signed with Rosenhaus.

"These guys were doing the right thing based on what they thought because when their super-agent comes in the house, Drew [Rosenhaus], and tells them, 'Hey, you're going to go in the first,' then gives them $50,000 yknow as an insurance saying you are going to be in the first round; then these kids are under the impression that they're going to make all this money, then they come out of school," Campbell told Irvin.

Irvin pressed Campbell how he knows the $50,00 payment was made to Streeter.

"My wife is a lawyer, she assisted T.Y. Hilton on his deciding who his agent was going to be," Campbell told Irvin. "She helped the family interview maybe 20 agents. In that process, they can and the agents did their presentation. Drew came and did his presentation. She asked him about Tommy Streeter going to be in the first round right in the house with Mr. Hilton. He [Drew] said, 'Yeah, he's going to be a first-round pick.'"

"Then he was asked about this $50,000," Campbell continued. "He said he would give $50,000 as well. So what is this $50,000? Well, this is a signing advance for your marketing, because it's illegal for an agent to give a player some money as an advance to get him to sign."

Campbell has previously gone after Rosenhaus saying he makes a ton of money off African-American athletes from Miami. Campbell penned an op-ed last week in the Miami New-Times criticizing Rosenhaus saying the UM players who declared early this year, "got fooled by their agent Drew Rosenhaus."

This guy preys on young African-American players whose family members who don't' too much understand the process of the draft. So when they see this guy just off 60 Minutes as being a superagent and then coming into their living room; they believe anything Drew tells them.

Campbell said Rosenhaus promised the players a "valet guy" who they could call and he would buy the players whatever they wanted including shoes, hats, clothes, and cars.

"This is what this guy [Rosenhaus] sat there and told Hilton and all these guys," Campbell told Irvin. "Sean Spence, same thing."

Irvin said in the interview that wide receiver Tommy Streeter likely lost $2.1 million because of his draft status and running back Lamar Miller likely lost $3 million.

Campbell said Rosenhaus made the offers before the players eventually signed with him.

Rosenhaus hasn't commented on Campbell's allegations.

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