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U.K. Boy Band Makes Splash At Local Prep School

MIAMI (CBS4) - One of the hottest boy bands out of Great Britain made a special stop in South Florida on Thursday.

"This is so exciting because, I'm actually a huge fan of them, so for them to be here is just an amazing opportunity," said student, Nicole Tufts.

Before singing on stage, performing in a club or even checking out South Beach, "The Wanted" first visited fans at Gulliver Preparatory School in Pinecrest.

"Love this school, everyone's got really big smiles," band member Siva Kaneswaran said cheerfully adding, "hope everyone enjoys the music."

The school's journalism teacher coordinated the effort after hearing the band would be in town, creating a once in a lifetime "press conference" experience for her students.

"We jumped at the chance to have them have an opportunity to have some real life experience in interviewing this group," said teacher Monica Rodriguez.

The group is already a hit abroad and is just starting to break into the U.S. music scene.

"They have 2 number one singles, and three songs in the Top 5 in the UK, sold 400,000 copies of their debut album and have over 30 million of views on YouTube," student journalist Pilar Melendez told a  group of fellow students.

The students were thrilled to welcome their special visitors,

"They're British, they're attractive, and it's like instant for any teenage girl," exclaimed Katrina Gawel, a student at the school.

The student journalists will now share stories about this experience through a variety of outlets.

"We put out an award winning newspaper The Raider, once a month and we have an online newspaper and we also have an award winning year book, we're proud of these kids," said Rodriguez.


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