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Two Dozen Arrested At Day 2 Of Ultra Music Festival

MIAMI (CBSMiami) --The rain started pouring on the second night of Ultra Music Festival, but it didn't stop the party or the people trying to get into it any way they could. Several people jumped the fences surrounding the festival, but not everyone made it and police promised those who did might be in for a surprise.

"Little do they know we have officers waiting for them on the other side," said Public Information Officer Frederica Burden with Miami Police.

"Ten minutes ago we just saw a person, two people,  get arrested they broke the fence down," said Wanda Ruiz who attended Ultra.

As of 8:15 p.m. Saturday,  police said they made 26 arrests on the second day of Ultra. That's up slightly from 22 on day one. Final arrest numbers for day two are expected to come out by early Sunday morning.

"I think we're seeing a combination of things. We're seeing the fence jumpers. We're seeing some that go in sober and have to be taken out," explained Burden.

Calls for help also kept rescue crews busy.  Miami Firefighters used brand new vehicles, designed and built by the department, to navigate the crowds and reach patients.

Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue said, "We've had some people sustain minor injuries as a result of dancing and then we've had some people who were found unconscious or used some illegal substances that caused them to overdose."

Despite the arrests and the rescues, and the rain, most people at Ultra loved every minute.

"Those people who are doing safe things in there, they're having a great time," said Ruiz.

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