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Two Cold Fronts In Four Days Bring The Chill To South Florida

Miami (CBSMiami) – A double shot of cold dry air is setting up to move into South Florida for the long holiday weekend.

Two cold fronts will sweep through the state starting Friday and lasting through the long weekend. In between the two, a brief warmup and a few storms are possible.

Friday morning temperatures were in the 50s with a northwest breeze. The breeze will be gusty at times making if feel colder, but should become calm Saturday night. The dry air, clear sky, and light wind will lead to a colder night Friday and Saturday morning. Pleasant afternoon sunshine is in the Saturday forecast as the next front approaches the area.

A warm breeze returns Sunday as showers and storms develop over the Northern Gulf of Mexico and begin moving south. Temperatures have a chance to touch 80 degrees ahead of the front which is forecast to move through Sunday night. As with the previous front, a cold breeze develops overnight and continues Monday morning.


Tuesday should be the coldest day of the period with lows in the lower 50s, upper 40s are possible over the interior. By Tuesday afternoon it's all over. Low humidity and a light breeze lead to a pleasant afternoon and following that, slightly warmer lows and highs are in the forecast.

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