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TTYM: Eagles Yell 'Papa John's' At Peyton, Pirates' Fans Jump For Joy And Torrey Smith's New Job?

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed watch Patrick Roy rumble like it's 1998, Pirates fans go "overboard" with their playoff celebration, and Eagles' defenders try to rattle Peyton Manning.  Really?  Try again.

'Play' Calling


When ‘Papa John’s’ Pizza signed Peyton Manning on as a spokesperson of course they knew they were getting an NFL great who would represent the brand well.

It was certainly good fortune for their business that Manning started the season with a record–tying seven touchdowns against the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and continues to make history; throwing 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions through the first four games.

There is no way, however,  the pizza empire could have imagined it would get free advertising on the field in the middle of an actual game, but that’s exactly what happened when the Broncos played the Eagles this week.

Philadelphia players were heard yelling “Papa John’s,” prior to Manning snapping the ball.

Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin told 94 WIP he thought it was ’kinda funny.’

I’m sure Chip Kelly would have thought it was ‘kinda funny’ too – if the Eagles hadn’t been trampled by the Broncos 52-20.

I know, I know, it was the altitude.

Story via CBS Philly

Coach Call

Patrick Roy vs Bruce Boudreau end of game Anaheim Ducks vs Colorado Avalanche 10/2/13 NHL Hockey by Fred Murtz on YouTube


Retired Colorado Avalanche NHL goalie Patrick Roy (pronounced Wah for all you non-hockey fans) is notorious for his fiery temper and knock down drag out brawls. Well, we only had to wait until the end of the first game of the season to find out.

After the final horn of a 6-1 win, Roy started yelling at Anaheim Coach Bruce Boudreau and then pounded the glass partition between the two benches.

Roy was furious over a hit on one of his rookies.

The NHL fined him $10,000.

Something tells me he’s going to need a raise.

Story via CBS Denver

 Buccos Go Overboard

Pirates fan jumps off the Clemente bridge after the pirates by DaFranchize412 on YouTube


As a die-hard Mets fan I’ve often wanted to jump off a bridge to put myself out of misery.

And many a Pirates fans have felt the same way for the better part of the last two decades.

But why one Bucco fan would take a nearly naked leap off the Roberto Clemente bridge in Pittsburgh into the chilly waters of the Allegheny River AFTER the Pirates actually won a playoff game is beyond me.

What is he going to do if they actually win the World Series??

Tough to say, I just hope - whatever it is – his friends get a better grasp on how to use their phone's video camera.  

Story via CBS Pittsburgh 

Now, here are excited Buccos who did it right.

In honor of the Pirates first playoff win in 21 years, the nurses in the maternity ward at St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh are dressing up all the newborns in Pirates' onesies and red bandanas.

I just have one question; What if their parents are Reds’ fans?

Story via CBS Sports 

Eating For Two?

We're Prego, Torrey Smith, Chanel Smith


And speaking of adorable and babies – check out the creative way Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel chose to tell the world they were expecting!

Don't know if they're having a boy or a girl, but I definitely see an endorsement contract in the near future.

Story via CBS Baltimore

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