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TTYM: A Hairy NHL Lockout Situation And A Cowboys Fan Blasts Romo

In this week's That Thing You Missed, Fab Melo gives new meaning to the term "banging your head against the wall,"  a passionate Cowboys fan gets up in "arms" over missing the playoffs and the NHL lockout provokes a hair-raising response. 

A Hairy NHL Lockout Sitch


We all know athletes are eerily superstitious and many take to growing facial hair during the playoffs or particularly high performance runs. 

Now, as an act of protest a 17-year old hockey fan, Maggie Wagner has decided not to shave her legs until the NHL lockout ends.

The good news?  At this rate Locks of Love is going to have a pretty massive donation one day.

Story via CBS Chicago

Hitting the Big Leagues

Celtics fans have been chomping at the bit to get rookie Fab Melo called up to Boston.

And now it’s finally happened.

Only it’s not his impressive performance in the D-League that’s earned him the move.

Actually, all the center had to do was get concussed.  He accomplished this by hitting his head on a hotel room doorway. (According to the NBA rules a player must be on the roster for a team doctor to examine him.)

How is a talented NBA player clumsy enough to manage that?  Don’t ask.  That is unless your 7-feet tall.

Story via CBS Boston

Cowboys Fan Washes His Hands of Romo

Part of the beauty and my adoration for the NFL is the passion of fans and how they are all so amazingly different.

For example, Chargers fans are completely boring with the exception of your rare one-off drunk and disorderly dude.

Giants and Jets fans are always completely confrontational despite the fact your team may be kicking their a** by 28 points.

Saints fans have most likely sold their second born child and gone without eating for a week to get a coveted ducat.

And in Dallas, well, you get this: 

A Cowboys fan literally “blasting” Tony Romo.

Blasting Tony Romo by Neil Maddox on YouTube

Story via CBS Dallas

Just Taking A Swing At It

David Denson a 17-year old high school senior from California won this year's Power Showcase Home Run Derby by 19 knocking balls out of the park including a 515 foot blast over the Jumbotron at Marlins Park in Florida.

In related news, the derby came close to matching the Marlins Park 2011-2012 attendance record.

David Denson 515ft HR at POWER SHOWCASE by DPL Baseball on YouTube

Story via CBS Los Angeles

Fidos Hate Fatheads

Dog hates Andrew McCutchen. by Cooldudecolin on YouTube

The extremely popular Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutchen has at least one "hater."

This precious pooch named "Libby" can't stop barking and growling at her owner's FatHead of the center fielder.  McCutchen heard about this video uploaded to YouTube and claimed he'd like to meet the canine in person.

Don't take it so personally, Andrew.  Apparently it's a common problem for sports lovers everywhere.

I'm guessing this canine is either Libby's sister or prefers American Football

Dog barking at fathead by bigsabs2000 on YouTube

And, I'm thinking Homer here is jealous of Justin Verlander's relationship with Kate Upton.

Story via CBS Pittsburgh

I want to hear from you!

Got a fun story sports fans may have missed?  Or an obscure, silly and perhaps gossipy tale we didn't cover?  E-mail Tara Lipinsky at or send her a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

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