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Trump Supporters Hold 'Stop The Madness' Rally Outside Of Rep. Shalala's Town Hall

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An anti-impeachment group of President Donald Trump supporters rallied outside of a town hall Thursday where Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala was fielding questions.

"This is part of our nationwide 'Stop the Madness' campaign. We are sick and tired of this impeachment charade," said Danielle Alvarez.

The GOP has funded a website for the Trump activist.

The group has been hosting rallies, large and small, across the nation at locations where Democratic leaders gather.

On Thursday, the Stop the Madness group set up outside the Martin Memorial AME Church in Richmond Heights where Shalala was holding a constituent meeting.

"We are letting her know that Americans, all voters, especially the constituents in her district, support the president and are disappointed in what she is doing in Congress, her vote for impeachment and we want her to get back to work," Alvarez said.

Shalala, holding a town hall, was taking questions about health care, relief for displaced Bahamians, migrant children and, yes, impeachment.

"They believe, many believe, already the president has violated his oath of office," Shalala said.

And how did she respond to the group outside that is dogging her and fellow Democrats?

"You know, it is a free country, an absolute free country. So demonstrating, yelling at elected officials, I mean I am a pro, I am happy to respond to people, tough questions and I got no problem with people demonstrating," she said.

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