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Trump Speaks At GOP Convention, Continues Pointing Finger At Democrats Over Immigration Issue

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WASHINGTON (CBSMiami) – The U.S. Government says migrant families are not longer being separated at the border, but President Trump says their parents aren't just going to be set free.

Critics say this will lead to thousands of children being kept in detention illegally.

President Trump was in Las Vegas Saturday, to attend the Nevada Republican Party's convention.

The president did not try to sidestep the immigration issue that has engulfed the White House in recent days.

"I don't think being weak on the border, being pathetically weak on the border, I don't think that's a good issue." Trump said. "I may be wrong. I think I got elected largely because we are strong on the border."

Trump again said the problems at the border are the democrats' fault.

"Our issue is: strong borders, no crime. Their issue is: open borders, let MS-13 all over our country. That's what's gonna happen," Trump said.

Also Saturday, there were rallies and protests outside migrant detention centers around the country.

Several democratic lawmakers visited the facilities Saturday.

They said they're unsuitable for housing children.

"... It is, for all intents and purposes... um... a prison. They're cages," said California Rep. Jackie Speier.

"They don't consider this detention. This is a shelter," said Florida Sen. Bill Nelson. "They don't consider that violating the law. I would say other people would disagree with that, and a federal judge may well disagree with that."

Many congressional republicans are spending the weekend in Washington.

GOP leaders say they're working to revise the immigration bill after a vote on the legislation was postponed Thursday.

The Trump Administration is drawing up plans to house up to 15,000 migrants in family detention centers, along with as many as 20,000 children who entered the country without an adult.


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