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Triplets With Tumors Need Your Help

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - As the holiday season arrives one couple with eight-year old triplets faces a tough time with even life's basics many take for granted.

Kim and Joe Coseno first learned three years ago that one of their young triplets had five brain tumors. Little Ellie Coseno underwent sever surgeries in thei home state of Ohio.

"At that point there was really not much more they could do in Ohio," said Kim Coseno.

The Cosenos did some research on other hospitals across the country and found one of the best teams for their children at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

The family moved to Sunrise. But bad news followed them.

"All three girls were diagnosed with Atypical Arachnoid tumors in their brains," Kim Coseno told CBS4's Donna Rapado.

The tumors cause the eight year olds systems of brain damage, from dizziness and nausea to short term memory loss and visual impairment. Countless, but necessary, medical visits have cause the second graders to fall behind in school. The Cosenos recently made the decision that home schooling would be best.

"So they could do that in the hospital or the doctor's appointment or wherever we are we can do it," explained Kim Coseno. "But after we decided to do that, we found out that they each needed their own computer."

The have already supplemented their tight budget by selling their second car, their wedding rings, beds and TVs. The girls have gone without birthday and Chrismas gifts, enduring what no child ever should

Enter "Neighbors 4 Neighbors" which has offered to get each girl their own computer for school work.

But with so much at stake, "Neighbors 4 Neighbors" knew the Cosenos needed more than computers, the second car they were forced to sell would literally be a life saver.

"We should be going every week. We should be doing therapy for the girls. But it's not possible. It takes us a good three hours to get to Miami on a bus," said Kim Coseno while choking back tears. " We've done it. We do it. But it's a struggle and we should be doing it a lot more but we can't."

The one car the family still has is what Joe Coseno uses for 12-14 hours each a day at work, leaving Kim and the triplets without a viable, affordable way to get from Sunrise to Miami for the girls frequent doctor's visits.

If you think you can adopt this family, provide them with a car or help them in any other way, contact for more information.


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