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One Area To Watch In Atlantic Over Next Week

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A non-tropical area of low pressure is forecast do develop later this week.

Although initially non-tropical, it may acquire some tropical characteristics as it moves over water away from the coast.

The National Hurricane Center has a low development potential during the three- to five-day period.

If it does develop, it will be moving northeast into the North Atlantic and have no impacts to the area.

If this storm develops into a named system it will be Wanda, making it the 21st named storm of the season.

After that, the new supplemental list will be used which replaces the Greek Alphabet.

With only a low development potential, looks like we may have to save Wanda for the next storm of the season which runs through the end of November.

There are no other areas of concern in the Atlantic, Gulf or Caribbean.

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