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Tracking The Tropics: Potential Tropical Cyclone Two continues to move west

Tropical Update
Tropical Update 01:02

MIAMI - Potential Tropical Cyclone Two continues to move west into the Western Caribbean Sea Thursday evening.

Thunderstorms associated with the disturbance are minimal and the Air Force Hurricane Hunters were not able to find a center of circulation.

The forecast still calls for the storm to slow down over the next day or two which may help it become better organized as it moves away from the northern coast of South America.

A hurricane watch has been issued for parts of Central America in addition to tropical storm warnings on the east coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica with a watch on the west coasts.

This storm, regardless of development will bring heavy rain and life-threatening flash flooding to the countries by Friday.

CBS News Miami

There are two other areas being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for possible development.

CBS News Miami

In addition to this wave, low pressure near the coast of Texas continues to show little to no change in intensity. As this low-pressure center gets closer to the coast of Texas, the chances of it becoming a depression continue to decrease.

Heavy rain and flooding still remain possible along the Texas coast for the next day or two regardless of development.

CBS News Miami
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