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Top Up-And-Coming Visual Artists In South Florida

South Florida has made quite the name for itself when it comes to incredible art. This international art destination is also home to a slew of top emerging artists, including these five impressive talents. These artists span across media to deliver inspiring and breathtaking work that continues to call for more attention and accolades. These artists span various age groups and all call South Florida home whether just in recent years or for their entire lives.
(Source: Blue Martini)

Alexander Mijares
Alexander Mijares' dream-like acrylic paintings are colorful with stunning visuals that often manifest as semi-abstract. His work is lively, bright, dynamic and head-turning. The young painter is quickly rising to the top with great awards, accolades and recognition for his spirited work.

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Valeria Yamamoto
www.valeriayamamoto.comValeria Yamamoto is an incredibly talented sculptor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives in Miami and received her BFA in Sculpture locally at Florida International University. Her nature-inspired work takes visuals from real life and gives them an otherworldly feel. Some of her top exhibitions in the U.S. include the Frost Art Museum and the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery.

(Source: Blue Martini)

Matt Herget
www.talenthouse.comOnly in his early 20s, Matt Herget is a great visual arts talent born and raised in Miami. He prefers not to specify his medium as his creativity and inspiration leads him to express his visions through various forms including paintings, fashion design and street art. Whatever the medium, his work is striking and calls plenty of emotion and thought through themes ranging from nature to pop culture.

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Maurico Buitrago

Mauricio Buitrago
www.mauriciobuitrago.comDigital design, illusion, energy and pop culture merge in the themes of the work of Mauricio Buitrago. His work may be appreciated from both up close and afar. From a distance, Buitrago's works feature such images as decorative motifs or pop art portraits while an up-close view reveals only symmetrical, brightly-colored wooden blocks. His special woodworking technique is typically finished with acrylic.

(Source: Van Dyke Cafe)

Troy Simmons
www.troysimmonsstudio.comTroy Simmons often creates works featuring celebrations of the juxtaposition of opposites. Opposites come into play in terms of textures, colors, materials, et al. and result in incredibly attractive pieces that also have plenty to say. Themes of the elements of both nature and man are dominant in his work that always shows the beauty of what happens when both worlds collide.

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