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Top Spots To Rent A Boat In South Florida

Whether you are out looking for adventure, are on a vacation, spending a night out on the town or just looking or a peaceful fishing exhibition, the boatyards of South Florida marinas have something for you! Depending on the visitor, ideal boating experiences vary. For the loaner, one may choose a small boat for a day of relaxation and "hermitting." A couple and a group of friends may enjoy chipping in and making a whole day of fun in the sun and swimming in the deep abyss of the Atlantic Ocean. Or a group of strangers may choose to get together for an unofficial fishing competition while enjoying a nice cold brew. Whatever the case, South Florida has made accommodations for you. Here are a few great options.
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Miami Five Star

4385 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
(305) 504-1717

A leading yacht rental and charter company in Miami with over 40 yachts to choose from, Miami Five Star can assure a "smooth voyage" in luxury and unforgettable half-day and full-day rentals, sunset cruises and day charters, customized to fit your particular style. All charters come with a multilingual captain, stewardess and optional chef, in addition to wave runners and water toys, so that you won't entirely be lost in the experience! With amazing tours of Miami, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Key West and the Bahamas, you can island hop in class, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the South Florida shoreline.

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Yolo Boat Rentals

9 Cayuga Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
(954) 687-3383

Because "you only live once." With Yolo, you aren't just renting boats, you are renting an adventure… a lifestyle. With boat rentals starting at $80, customers can enrich their enthusiasm for the great waterways, known as the Atlantic Ocean, through jet skis, parasailing and even scuba diving! If you would rather have a "night out on the town," Yolo sets the romantic atmosphere for those looking to take their love life a step further.

Can you imagine proposing to the girl of your dreams on a yacht? With service available both day and night, a captivating starry sky will lead her to only one reply. And you will have Yolo Boat Rentals to thank for the life-changing experience you are about to embrace. Yolo might just be your happily ever after.

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Fishing Headquarters

301 Seabreeze Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
(754) 214-7863

If you prefer fishing and aren't really the type to extreme sport on the waterways, Fishing Headquarters might just be the "catch" for you! Some people prefer to fish alone, and Fishing Headquarters encourages this, allowing you to charter boats starting at $125. You might need time to yourself, and this would be perfect. However, if you are more competitive, Fishing Headquarters matches you up on a chartered expedition with other fishermen at $40 a person! All bets are on, because that sure does sounds like fun! It's boat rental with a twist.

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Boat Rental Miami

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Pier 5
Slip 28 Miami, Florida 33132
(786) 295-2628

A little more pricey than the others, Boat Rental Miami offers guests luxury amenities with almost-new fleets of boats running at $199 for a five-person party. Treating every guest as VIP, boats come equipped with great sound systems, refreshment and entertainment centers, cushioned seating and bimini tops (just to get started). Allowing you the freedom to travel wherever your heart desires, Boat Rental Miami is sure to maintenance their boats and provide inspection between every small voyage. Safety and sophistication. What else can you ask for?

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Vacation Boat Rentals

586 Sadowski Causeway
Key Colony Beach, Florida 33051
(866) 420-1515

With some of the largest, most durable boats that South Florida has to offer, and especially in the Florida Keys, Vacation Boat Rentals specialize in fishing and scuba diving boats. Because many who travel to the Keys are after sport and a lifetime of memories, this fleet of boats tend to be some of the most rented in the area! Boats are trusted and loved by locals and visitors alike! Not only do they tote quality boats, but they rent them by the week, often providing guests with amazing discounts and the ability to enjoy their rental around the clock. Visitors may choose to stay at one of Vacation Boat Rentals' beautiful rental home properties, which conveniently with a dock. Or, they may select to dock it at one of VBR's amazing locations as they sleep… dreaming about owning their own fishing and scuba boat.

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