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Top Scenic Drives Near South Florida

No matter where you go here in Florida, you can expect to see low pollution, clear skies, beautiful vegetation and a lot of sunshine. With such a blossoming state, cities begin to take over an otherwise natural Eden and lead us to forget that nature is one of the most amazing things that we will ever encounter. We become too busy and too wrapped up in day-to-day life, that we forget to exhale and enjoy what Mother Nature has bestowed upon mankind. Sometimes, we need to simply "stroll down" a new path in clearing our mind  and find an alternative for a healthy lifestyle. The best way to do it is to escape the confines of the city every now and then. To help, we present the five most scenic drives within four hours of South Florida coasts.
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Fort Pierce Marina, Jetty And Inlet Beach Areas

Still considered South Florida and an hour and a half from the Miami-Dade areas, Fort Pierce has some pretty inspiring sites that often go forgotten. In the more posh areas of Fort Pierce, a visitor can drive or walk throughout the city and absorb some of the sights the city has to offer. Downtown alone has some pretty vintage nostalgia about its architecture, layout and aesthetics. Strolling around the Marina, visitors are able to enjoy the sea breeze and open park area, as they gaze into the Atlantic Ocean and pull over to wade in the Indian River. Crossing long bridges that lead to Pepper Park and The Jetty, one will notice beautiful natural islands and an onslaught of boats and yachts that add to the appeal of beach life and comfort. With live music playing from many venues along the way, guests will feel so welcome that they may decide to pull over and walk along the shore of a raw beach or head to the seclusion of a cleaner, more family-focused Pepper Park.

Orlando's I-4 And 408 Areas

Orlando is such an amazing city. If you leave Orlando for even a few months, you will return to new developments and expansions that continue to create one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. In fact, many people love Orlando and its familiar sights so much that they often relocate to the city or return shortly after a relocation because they find it hard to part away from. The city landscape is modern and classy, and a majority of the architecture has been built to be sleek and innovative in functionality. The drive up and down Orange Ave. and Church St., during the day and night hours, are breathtaking on their own.

What many do not realize about Orlando, unless they actually live there, is that there are many sights throughout the city that go untouched. There are still many lakes and swampland areas that continue to grow and allow the natural vegetation to thrive, providing homes much of central Florida's wildlife. These self-sustaining areas are reminiscent of small jungles and mystifying forests and can be seen from the highways leading to, from and around the city. These areas are captivating, mysterious and welcome those who seek to enjoy a peaceful stroll through Orlando's natural wonderland.

The Famous Space Coast 

From Palm Bay to Melbourne and Cocoa Beach, the Space Coast, known to many as the home of Kennedy Space Center, is a great example of amazing sightseeing. With so much to take in, you will not be able to do it all in one day. Whether you decide to take I-95 North, the well-known US-1 or cruise "the back roads," you are sure to catch some eye candy and make some stops along the way.

Due to its impact and influence from the US Navy, NASA and famous cruise line fleets, one will realize that much of the area has gone untouched, even though adjoining cities are greatly populated and competitive with other city metros around the United States. Not only will you be able to experience the splendor of quiet off-road travels, surrounded by woods and wetland regions, you will also get to explore historical sites, naval bases and retired NASA territory, where much of NASA's great achievements during the Space Race against the USSR took place. There are many beaches along the way to stop and rest while processing everything that you have just encountered. Many of these beaches are known for being some of the best spots for surfing in the world!

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Lakewood Park And Indrio Road

A very serene and country area, one will find out quickly why Lakewood Park was given its name. With many lakes and open spaces amongst the trees and wooded areas, one may become restless during the long drive down Indrio Road. This is not a bad thing, actually. The scenery influences your inner child, enticing your explorative nature. With a small town near by, residential areas are quiet with some farms and ranches along the way. This area is quite perfect for riding horses, and it is interesting to note that the manner in which Florida vegetation grows in these open areas resembles fantasy depictions of Jurassic Park or a flatland jungle in India.

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Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

Palm Beach County's Okeechobee Scenic Trail spans 110 miles, surrounding Lake Okeechobee and following along the 35-foot-high Herbert Hoover Dike. The trail spawns multiple views and vantage points that encourage photography, camping and natural living. Many people enjoy riding mountain bikes, hiking and riding horses throughout the region. Others prefer rollerblading on smooth asphalt. With seventy-seven separate campsites, you might have just found your next scenic driving or tourist destination.

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