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Top Pet Rescue Shelters In South Florida

Cat and dog people have one thing in common: they love their pets. Unfortunately, not all pets are lucky enough to have a home. Some are abandoned by struggling families while others are lost, never to be found again. These animals are then sorted into shelters, some of which are no-kill shelters and others that do offer euthanasia services. Each of these organizations is unique and most provide healthcare for dogs who need a second chance. View the list below and find out the best place for your family to find a feline or a Fido.

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Human Society Of South Florida

16101 W. Dixie Hwy.
N. Miami Beach, FL 33160
(305) 696-0800

Pet adoption networks come and go but the Humane Society is a constant in the pet adoption and rescue center arenas. For one, it is officially licensed by the ASPCA and is a no-kill shelter so you can ensure that if you turn in a homeless pet, he or she will be in good hands. Those who choose to adopt stray animals from this location have the benefit of an onsite veterinary clinic, making the initial process of spaying, neutering and vaccinations a breeze. For those lonely pets who do not find a forever home, some provide comfort to the healthcare facilities and centers in a mutually beneficial loving relationship.

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The Cat Network

P.O. Box 347228
Miami, FL 33234
(305) 255-3482

Thanks to the magic of the internet and the kindness of volunteers, The Cat Network is over 2,500 members strong. It has no physical address but this network of volunteers traps, neuters and releases stray and homeless cats, thereby decreasing the kitty population. Cats up for adoption are sheltered in foster homes and a profile of the cat is placed on The Cat Network website. Those looking to find a home for the cat community will have to follow strict guidelines to become a member and have the cat in question spayed or neutered in addition to getting its shots, so that it will be eligible for adoption. It's just another way the web continues to amaze.

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Born Free Pet Shelter

P.O. Box 490823
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

The Born Free Pet Shelter has five acres of property located in the Redlands area and it survives on the donations and contributions of others. Like most shelters, it accepts stray dogs and pets that owners can no longer take care of, but last year it made the NBC national news for a trend called Foreclosure Dogs. These dogs are given away because the owners lost their jobs and homes and can no longer afford the expense of having a pet, leaving the shelter with a large stock of normally expensive pure breeds. The shelter itself is a no-kill shelter and contains dogs that range from six months and up. Call today to find your next forever friend.

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Broward Pet

Broward County Animal Care

1870 S.W. 39 St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
(954) 359-1313

The Broward County Animal Care is a competent and efficient shelter, but it is also a kill shelter. The bulk of the pets that enter its doors are strays and lost pets and if these pets are not adopted in three to five days, they are euthanized. This is mostly due to the lack of space. Given that distinction, this is one of the first places families should come to adopt their newest pet to prevent them from this untimely fate. Registration tags are available, making the adoption process just a little easier.

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Miami Dade County Animal Services

7401 N.W. 74 St.
Miami, FL 33166
(305) 884-1101

When most people think of animal shelters, the local animal services is the second thing that comes to mind behind the Humane Society. The reason for this is that while the Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, Miami-Dade County Animal Services is not. It offers euthanasia services for pets with life-threatening medical conditions. However, it also includes a full shelter where pets from pups to adults are available for adoption. So depending on what your needs are, this might be the place for you.

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