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Top Local South Florida Artists

South Florida attracts a lot of seasonal visitors, which means a boost of income to local artists in the area. Art walks, galleries, and craft fairs make easy work of finding a one-of-a-kind piece of collectible art from South Florida's eclectic artists. Everything from driftwood creations, small and large sculptures, floral art and more can be found in the South Florida area.

Tatiana Cast
Multi-media Artist
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tatiana creates wearable art, paints wall murals for corporations, teaches art classes and workshops, and even teaches acrylic image transfer classes. Ms. Cast is a founder and honorary hostess of the Guided Art Walks in Fort Lauderdale. She also does photo art work, creates collages, and creates ceramic works of art. Her webpage shows the diversity of Tatiana's style of artwork and even has a contact page for anyone wishing to hire her art services or purchase some of her art works.

Nik Satterfield
21st century Urban Folk Art by N! Satterfield
Deerfield Beach, FL
(954) 464-5782

Nik uses spray paint, stencils, and whatever materials he can find laying around, to create some fabulous folk art pieces. Everywhere he goes, Nik keeps his eyes open for objects that he feels could be upcycled into an urban piece of art. Nik has used cloth, scrap wood, metal, cardboard, and other items that are being tossed out or being sent to a landfill. Nik began his art career at an early age by creating 'graffiti' style artwork in the streets of urban areas. He can be contacted through his webpage for questions on the availability of some of his art pieces or to hire him to create a one-of-a-kind art object.

Valeria Yamamoto
Miami, FL

Valeria Yamamoto is an amazing Japanese-Argentinian sculptor originally from Buenos Aires, who moved to Miami to continue her art education and the pursuit of her art career. Valeria works with mediums such as cement, porcelain, and other mediums to create her sculptures. She creates everything from small, delicate sculptures made from porcelain, eggshells and other delicate items, as well as enormous sculptures made using cement as the medium. Her works are inspired by her study of organic forms that are found in the natural environment.

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Romero Britto
Romero Britto Gallery
1102 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-8821

Romero's brightly colored, sharp edged artistic works are currently being exhibited in over 100 galleries around the world. Many of his art pieces have been purchased by celebrities around the globe. Britto has a large art gallery in Miami. He also has a smaller art gallery that sells his artwork that is located in the Wynwood area of Miami. The art pieces for sale in his galleries range from small to huge and are reasonably priced for one-of-a-kind art.

Alexander Mijares
Miami, FL

Alexander Mijares is a self-taught artist who injects his Cuban and Spanish roots into many of his art pieces. His semi-abstract art pieces can be seen in galleries in Miami, South Hampton, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He was also chosen to be the cover and poster artist for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in 2014! Alexander's impressive talent as an acrylic painter is winning him awards and accolades across the South Florida area.

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