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Top Local Art Enthusiasts In Miami To Follow On Twitter

The Miami art scene is defined by art deco buildings and a colorful landscape, but if that's all you see, you're missing out. There are art exhibits, art walks, museums and more dedicated to showing all things Miami through their own unique lens. As such, there are several Twitter handles that can point the way to a night of culture and artistic exploration or provide the insights on the art community. So view the list below and discover the latest art and artists from a group of people who have dedicated their lives to Miami art.
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Art Circuits

Art Circuits is the brainchild of Liana Perez. She began an arts newsletter in 2003, covering everything in South Florida art. The newsletter publishes biannually and has a corresponding website, Facebook and Twitter page. The Twitter account has less than 500 followers but it is only because this site is a hidden gem. Perez tweets one to three times daily about all of the art happenings from big events like Art Basel to tiny events like local dance classes. It also provides links to her website, which has a listing of all of the South Florida art walks, museums and even has a critic's choice section where Perez has an art critic pick their favorite South Florida art including paintings, pottery and sculptures.

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Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is the mecca of all things art in Miami. Talk about a massive following, this site has over 15,000 followers. It's the fastest way to find out all of the latest happenings in the Design District from fashion shows, art exhibits, street parties and more. The tone of this site is business so don't expect any cheeky posts but do expect the easiest way to experience all that the Design District has to offer.

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Art of Miami

Art of Miami is even less well known than Art Circuits boasting a paltry 200-plus followers, but like Art Circuits, its Twitter page links back to an incredibly informative website. For one, the photography on the website is stunning and makes you want to run to the featured art exhibit's tout suite and the website includes information on art schools, art walks, fashion, photography, exhibits and more. However, the greatest thing about this Twitter account is that it welcomes all art, not just the well-known and commissioned art. It's an interactive forum for artists of all skill levels from Miami to display their work and interpret the Miami art scene in their own way. To participate, submit your art or any street art in Miami that you think needs to be seen to either the Twitter or Facebook account and you might find that you are the next featured post.

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Art Basel Miami Beach

It would be remiss not to mention Art Basel. It's only the biggest art event in Miami of the entire year. Its Twitter following is huge with over 26,000 followers, which is impressive since this site only tweets two months prior to Art Basel in December and then its function changes to reporting all things Art Basel once it begins. This site is great because while all other sites are reporting a secondhand account of Art Basel events and information, you will get firsthand photos and exclusive shots that really put you into the Art Basel experience.

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Alexander Mijares

Alexander Mijares may not be a name you immediately recognize, but you will soon enough. He's a Miami born and raised artist whose work has been featured at Art Basel and his murals grace the walls of Little Havana. His art is what happens when stained glass art meets cubism and graffiti and in the end, you have a colorful explosion that livens the landscape and spreads a smile across the most jaded face. He tweets one to three times per day, mainly compiled of his latest work, but you should follow him because this local artist is on the rise and you will want to say that you knew him before he was famous.

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Niema Hulin was born in Newark, NJ but raised in Lexington, South Carolina for the bulk of her formative years. In 2002, she moved to Miami after graduating from the University of Florida. Since then, Niema has worked in film, television and commercials as a Production Assistant and Production Coordinator. Some of her films have included Bad Boys II and I Am Number IV. Her work can be found at


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